HERE Technologies Hack for Better Days


We are facing a challenging time – the global COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the lives of millions of people and has changed the structure of societies and the way we do things in an unprecedented way. Doing things the way we once did is no longer an option. Our families, friends, colleagues and the broader community need solutions to adapt to our new changing reality.

As a call to action, HERE Technologies in Partnership with IBM and many other global and local organisations, are organising the #HackForBetterDays, a fully online, 30-day virtual hackathon across Asia Pacific!

We want enthusiastic and innovative individuals and teams to come together to use location and other disruptive technologies to build useful apps and solutions that can

  1. Respond to the needs of the society related to the issues currently being experienced;
  2. Improve the affected functions of society (e.g. school closures, gatherings restrictions, shops closing, etc) during the recovery process;
  3. Support governments and agencies to better respond to large scale disruptive events such as COVID-19 pandemic.

The society needs and issues to address may include but not limited to protecting the vulnerable population, helping the health care system, issues related to education, future of work, mental health and well-being etc.

You can participate in the hack by joining the following challenges:

  • Build an App
  • Build a web or mobile app to address current challenges
  • Individuals or teams

2 rounds of judgement

  • Build a Map
  • Help your community by building an informative interactive map
  • Individuals ONLY

1 Round of judgement

Whether you are an innovator, designer, software developer, data scientist, educator, or if you simply have ideas to help your community, we encourage you to get involved in the hack. We believe every person can have a role in this crisis and there’s an opportunity to cooperate with others to improve the lives of many.

Follow these steps to start making a difference:

  •  Step 1 – join the hack

Register to join the hack to get access to the hack community across APAC.

  • Step 2 – build your team

Interact with the community around you to bring the right people onboard your team to build your app.

  • Step 3 – Start building solutions

Start developing your solution

You don’t have a team? We have you covered! By joining the hack, you will have access to our Slack community and other resources to help you find the right people to work with.


Build an App

  • First place – USD $5,000
  • Second place – USD $3,500
  • Third place – USD $2,000
  • Regional winners – Merchandise Prize pack from HERE Technologies and other partners
  • Partner Category prizes

Build a Map

  • First place – USD $1,000
  • Second place – USD $500
  • Third place – USD $500
  • Fourth & fifth places – HERE T-shirt

Hack Timeline

24 AprilOpening Ceremony – 5:00pm Australia Eastern Standard Time (AEST)
1 MayFirst touch point with participants
8 MaySecond touch point with participants
15 MayThird touch point with participants
24 MaySubmissions close
29 MayFirst round judging complete
4 JuneSecond round judging complete
5 JuneClosing Ceremony and winner’s announcement


The followings are some of the resources that will help you for #HackForBetterDays.

HERE Developer Support Slack

If you need technical support about HERE APIs and SDKs, access experts from HERE Technologies through the HERE Developers slack channel

HERE Developer Slack

Terms & Conditions

Make sure you read our Terms & Conditions document to further understand your eligibility and other requirements of the hack.

Download Terms & Conditions (469.12 KB)

General Rules

(subject to the official terms and conditions)

  • Anyone residing in the Asia-Pacific region is eligible to participate
  • You should be registered for the hack to be able to participate
  • Participants Must be at age of majority where they reside at the time of entry
  • Teams for the app challenge can consist of 1-7 people, the map challenge is an individual effort.
  • Each participant MUST NOT be a part of multiple teams
  • If you’re part of a team that’s building an app, you can still participate in the ‘build a map’ competition
  • Your submissions should address judging criteria for that challenge and through the announced submission channel.
  • Apps MUST be new and built for this hack. If you wish to use your previous code, it should be open sourced and publicly available to all other participants as of 24 April 2020.
  • Code review for winning teams may be required following the submissions.
  • To be eligible for partners’ category prizes, you should nominate your project for them during your submission.
  • Use of location services other than those provided by HERE Technologies is not permitted.


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